Shandong Linqing yandian bearing market adjustment

Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Bulletin, will strictly control "scattered sewage enterprises" as one of the most important content of strengthening supervision, to upgrade the emission standards of the enterprise, shall be closed before the end of September 2017, the second half of the Ministry of environmental protection environmental protection strict regulation.
The Ministry of environmental protection implement very strict system to write off, "scattered pollution remediation enterprise as an example, to shut down the enterprise must realize the" two three ", that is, cutting off water and electricity, cleaning equipment, cleaning materials clear.
August focus of supervision:
Supervision over whether completed in June before the end of the sewage licensing work; "elevated source automatic monitoring equipment installation and networking and operation situation of industrial pollution emissions.
September focus of supervision:
Before the end of September, the city administrative area of all coal-fired boiler emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate air pollutants implement special emission limits. Investigate and discharge excessive discharge according to law. Whether to complete the production plan and supervision over the list of peak work, staggering production enterprises in the implementation of key industries, to undertake the task according to the approved maximum allowable production load, and require the approval or filing according to "work plan".
After October, the focus of supervision:
The "small scattered sewage enterprises before the end of October banned task completion
The 10 tons of steam and coal-fired boilers, and small coal stove stove, operating out of work completed before the end of October
Special emission limits for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and Particulates Emitted from coal-fired boilers
Emission permits issued by iron and steel, cement and other industries
Discharge of industrial pollution sources up to standard