Take you to understand China's Shandong Liaocheng or Linqing Yan dian bearings

Shandong bearings generally refers to the Liaocheng Linqing surrounding bearing factory and a lot of only tens of square meters of the assembly plant.

Shandong bearing in the international reputation is not very good quality low liar, to tell the truth in the past is indeed the case. In early 1980, 99% of the bearing operators were farmers, some of the villagers went out to buy other large bearing manufacturers of incomplete parts, such as ball and bearing rings, etc., and then assembled from the new assembly, in the 80's China Material resources are very scarce, their sales are very good.

In the 1990s, China's policy of reform and opening up gradually extended to rural areas. Local farmers began to master some simple manufacturing processes with the increase of sales volume. For example, they were heated with coal and then put into the oil to complete the heat treatment process. Shabby device for processing.

In 2000, with China's entry into the WTO and the rapid development of China's bubble itself, the increase in international orders, the local bearing in the price has absolute competitiveness, because there is no management costs and quality costs, the wages of workers is very low, 90% Of the workers are professional farmers.

In 2002, the locals not only manufactured products, began to do large bearing brand dealers, almost cover all varieties of bearings. Including the SKF FAG INA TIMKEN NSK international brand, the following picture is a small part of the market, each billboard is a brand or a bearing type. They are very detailed division of labor such as spherical roller bearings, A dealer sales of low-end spherical roller bearing products, B dealer sales of high-end spherical roller bearing products, C dealers sell the middle price spherical roller bearing products. On the 22220CA/W33 this product from 10 dollars to 50 dollars different precision products can be found, of course, there are fake, you need industry knowledge.

Before the 2008 financial crisis, the local market was very prosperous, and many dealers and bearing manufacturers were out of stock.
Unfortunately, the good times are not long, 2008-2017 eliminated a lot of uncompetitive dealers and bearing manufacturers, the author of this year surveyed several bearing manufacturing bases such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Dalian and Shandong and so on.
Now to talk about the current Shandong bearing, the change is very big, and now the bearing dealer and the manufacturing boss they are very young and full of sunshine and vitality, bringing new management mode, quality control and marketing mode. Now there are many factories have access to the national inspection-free qualification and international brand name, advanced
device and harsh quality control manufacturing accuracy to ABEC-7, many international brands are found here, of course, this is a small number of manufacturers. Shandong bearings are now divided into high-end manufacturing and low-end manufacturing, even if the low-end manufacturing are in accordance with the ABEC-1 standard, in a short period of 9 years in the consciousness has great progress. 2015 data local sales of 5 million per day bearing.
The local distributor of bearings to reach 4,000 enterprises (2015 data), small dealers inventory should have more than 100,000 US dollars, large dealers inventory close to 2000 million US dollars, many different bearings, the concept of local dealers Is the king of the spot.
This means that the need for bearings do not need to wait for the period, go directly to the Linqing bearing market to get, different varieties of different quality for you ready.

We do not discriminate against them (Shandong bearing garbage I heard a lot), really bad? So why the economy is not good today they are in the rapid development, try to understand them also give yourself a chance.

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